Jun 01, 2023 12:00 PM
Brad Smith, District Health Dept. #10
Food safety

Brad Smith

  • Started in the food business age 14 doing dishes.
  • First food handling job age 16.
  • Culinary arts degree mid 80's.
  • Tried to run away from the food business.  Coined the term 'restaurant refugee' 😏.
  • Went back to school for Environmental Health.
  • Over a year later I found out this degree gets you a job as a health inspector....And found myself back in the restaurants 🙄.
  • Been a health inspector since 1991.

Fate had already decided I belonged in the food business.  49 years later I got no complaints.  It's been a fun ride 😉.

Sort of a love / hate relationship at times, but I'm happy it was the 'bug that bit me' for a career.

Now I find myself living in paradise coasting through my final working years with the best clientele in the state of Michigan (!)