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Austin Garcia, President (Hart); Tim Harvell, President-elect (Shelby); Julee Sarto, President (Ludington);
Jack Greve, Executive Director, SPLKA; Bob Vipond, Grant Chairman (Ludington)
The Rotary Club of Ludington in collaboration with the Rotary Clubs of Shelby and Hart donated a $7,876 check to Sable Points Lighthouse Keepers Association (SPLKA) to support SPLKA’s effort to bring reliable electricity and internet to its trailer at Little Sable Point Lighthouse.   SPLKA manages and maintains four historic lighthouses on the eastern shores of Lake Michigan.
In July 2023, Jack Greve, SPLKA executive director, sent out a plea asking for donations to make SPLKA operations at Little Sable Point Lighthouse sustainable for the long-term.
“Installing these utilities will drastically improve our services to our lighthouse guests, help retain our current volunteers, and make it easier to recruit new volunteers,” Greve said. “For those that have volunteered at Little Sable Point Lighthouse, you know first-hand how unreliable power and the internet is at this site.”
Rotary Club of Ludington responded by applying for a grant for matching funds from Rotary District 6290. To maximize the donation, the Ludington cub asked for support and collaboration from neighboring communities. The Rotary Clubs of Shelby and Hart joined with Ludington for a combined contribution of $4,500 and were able to secure a grant for an additional $3,376 in matching funds.
“We can’t thank you enough,” Greve said.  He said the addition of power and reliable internet service will help to attract volunteer keepers to the site, while providing reliable phone service for safety. “Preservation, promoting and educating the public about the historical significance of our lighthouses is critical to the historical preservation of our beautiful Great Lakes,” Bob Vipond, Ludington Rotary Club.



Dale Horowski presented a $3000 check from the Rotary Club of Ludington to Emily Garland, Mason County District Library - Ludington and Scottville’s children’s librarian, in support of the Unbound student book delivery program during Rotary's Thursday, January 11th noon meeting.

"Literacy is a major area of focus for Rotary International", Horowski, Ludington Past President said.  "The Unbound program seeks to eliminate barriers to access to books for underserved students in Mason County.  

"In 2019 as the COVID pandemic was just beginning, the Rotary Club of Ludington applied for a grant from Community Foundation for Mason County in the amount of $3,000.  With this initial funding, the current Unbound program was launched to serve Mason County Eastern Schools and Gateway to Success Academy (G2S).

Today, Unbound has been successfully implemented throughout the county."  It is the second donation of $3,000 from Rotary Club of Ludington to Unbound.  Garland said 17,381 books have been lent to students through the program since Unbound's inception in 2019, including 1,518 so far this school year.  That has meant a potential savings to students and their families of an estimated $171,000 by borrowing the books instead of buying them.  

Ludington's Debra Kinnaird, along with two other content experts, led a panel discussion on "Best Practices for Increasing Club Member Engagement" at the District 6290 Fall Training session held in Cadillac on October 7th.  Approximately 120 conference attendees listened in as the panel discussed the following topics:
  1. What are some of the Best Practices for clubs to increase member engagement? 
  2. Will you tell about some of the Rotary Club Central resources available to clubs?
  3. How does one conduct a Club Health check?
  4. What are some pitfalls that you would recommend Clubs look out for when recruiting new members to the club?
  5. How do we start a new club?
Debra Kinnaird is joined by fellow District 6290 Rotarians Kirk Dornbush and Dale Charters
Kinnaird shared how the Ludington Rotary Club took on the challenge of renovating the park now known as Rotary Park, in downtown Ludington.  The park has become a renowned landmark in Ludington, and a great advertisement for potential new club members.
The Ludington Rotary Club was established in 1933: 90 years ago!  Our celebration was appropriately led by Jim Jensen, President of the Mason County Historical Society and long time Rotarian.  Jim led us through a brief history of our club's origin, our longest serving current members, memories of the Rotary Smiles Programs, various fundraising activities, service projects, and of course the Rotary Park completion.  It was a joyous celebration, indeed!
The Fun Committee did a beautiful job with the birthday celebration decorations.
Of course, there was cake!
Long time Rotarians Tom Lane, Bob Andrews, Jim Jensen, and Ivan Anthony joined the celebration.
This week our club celebrated the final, joyous wrap-up of a project eight years in the making: the complete renovation and renaming of Ludington's beautiful Rotary Park.  Tuesday night, at a club picnic held at the park, Deb Kinnaird and Linda O'Brien set afire the West Shore Bank promissory note that helped to finance the park, as the loan is now officially paid off.  A sincere THANK YOU to all our club members, as well as the many businesses and individuals in our community, who were instrumental in making this project happen.
What a great start for our Interact Club!  Club President Ashley McPike did a fantastic job reviewing last year's activities and explaining a little about Rotary.   We've got an exciting year ahead!
On August 24, our club was honored to host our District 6290 Governor, Jeff Coil and Assistant Governor, Valerie Gerhart.  Jeff graciously met with Board members prior to our regular Thursday club meeting, and then offered a very informative and inspirational update to our entire club, including two members of L.H.S. Interact Club.  Thank you, Jeff, and Valarie, for your capable and generous leadership.
District 6290 Governor Jeff Coil
Assistant District Gov.Valerie Gerhart, Ludington Rotary Club President Julee Sarto, District Gov. Jeff Coil
Betty Mousel, Deb Kinnaird, Dist. Gov. Jeff Coil, Interact Club members Amber Sherwood-Michaells & Genevieve Lux
The "Boy Band Review" performed at West Shore Bank's Rhythm & Dunes concert Saturday night, and our elephant ear team had a few ears leftover at the end of the night.  Avonlea Johnson, our youngest and spunkiest ear volunteer, delivered a few complementary ears to the band.  As you can see, the Boys in the Band were very pleased!
Summer time is Elephant Ear time, and Rotarians are quick to jump in and help.  This year we have eight events, including Gus Macker, West Shore Art Fair, West Shore Bank's Rhythm & Dunes concerts, and Gold Coast Art Fair.
July 15th was our Ludington Rotary Club's second Adopt-A-Highway litter cleanup outing of the year, and 16 hardy souls helped out.   After a quick 1-1/2 hour session, the northern-most stretch of US 31 ending at US 10 (including three on/off ramps) was once again pristine.
Dale Horowski has served brilliantly as President of our Ludington Rotary Club for the past year, and we thank him dearly, with great gratitude and respect.   
On July 1st, the start of our club's fiscal year, Dale officially handed the gavel over to our brand spanking new President: Julee Sarto.  We are thrilled to have such talented and dedicated club members who are willing to take on this critically important role.  Thank you, Dale and Julee!  We look forward to another fun and productive year!

The LHS Rotary Interact club scooped and gave away over 1,500 cups of free ice cream, complements of House of Flavors, at Ludington’s 150th Anniversary street party.  In less than 2 hours, they raised $130.20 in donations!  

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